5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success

November 23, 2013

5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success?

Actually… that title is a bit misleading… it’s the 5 Easy Steps part… not Home Business Success

You read these kind of headlines all the time, right? As a matter of fact you’ve probably seen half a dozen of them today if you’ve found this website…

3 Simple Steps to Finding the Girl Of Your Dreams… How To Start A Multi-Million Dollar Business In 4 Easy Steps… Discover The 6 Secrets To Huge Biceps

blah, blah, blah..

The funny thing is that many times the headline is both true and Total BS!

Here’s the problem and your dilemma…

It’s way too easy to get caught up in the next cool Home Business Success shiny new object that comes along. To win in this industry – and by industry I mean the broader industry of home based business, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing and other permutations – you have to get organized and get focused. You have to figure out that you are now the seller and no longer the buyer.

So what are they?

5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success?

Well… the answer lies in the type of marketing you are doing but let’s take a look at an example. And before I go any further let me say that the information I’m about to share comes from one of my mentors ~ Alex Jeffreys. If you don’t know of Alex he’s an absolute legend online and now he coaches people to success. His track record of taking unsuccessful people and helping them turn around their business is pretty incredible.

Let’s say you want to get into niche marketing with a product of your own. Here’s how you should go about it if you want success fast…

Niche Marketing Home Business Success Formula Revealed

(n.b. I love writing headlines… lol)

    1. Pick and Study the Niche
    2. Create your product
    3. Write your sales copy (or get it written by a pro)
    4. Create the Website that will sell products and fulfill orders
    5. Send traffic to your offer
    6. And THEN have some backend product or upsells.

Yes, I know that is 6 Steps and not 5… but you get the picture. And the same process works for Home Business Success regardless of how you specialize or what your niche or niches are…

Here’s the problem. Most people don’t stick to the task at hand – they are all over the place trying to do too many different things. I can relate to that because I was there about 6 months ago. To be honest it took a few months just to shake a lot of things loose and get focused on only a few things.

Update 9 December 2013: Even after writing this post on Home Business Success – now coming back to it to do a little SEO – I realize that in the little mini-project I’ve been working on I got sidetracked. So I finally took a step back and looked at Alex’s process… and now I’m creating the ‘product’ for the funnel (niche is in the bag) instead of trying to create the website and then go backward to the sales copy, etc. Why is this so important? Because the website is pretty easy… once you have the sales copy and video… which is simple once you have the product COMPLETE… I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to write copy for an idea in my head instead of a finished product… NOT very efficient.

Even then… personally I was jumping around – getting ahead of myself, etc.

Home Business Success

Are you ready for Home Business Success? This is what it’s like when you try to do too many things… you end up overwhelmed and depressed

So Alex teaches that you don’t move on to the next thing until you’re done with one. Later, when you’ve mastered the whole thing and can hire other people then you can be more, shall we say… spontaneous?

One of the things I love about the products I promote on this website is that a lot of it is done for me. I can focus primarily on sending traffic to the offer. One of the keys for home business success is that you learn to do a few things really well and then outsource what you don’t do well.

That doesn’t mean I don’t do other things – I’m in the process of creating a product in another niche right now. But for the kinds of products on this site I was able to start sending traffic right away because someone else created the product, built my original site (this is greatly updated), sales copy and videos, etc. So I focused on learning how to get traffic. Well – I write that with a little laughter because I was also trying to do a bunch of other stuff – different types of websites, videos, social media marketing… you get the picture.

Back in the day when I was doing Old School Network Marketing I found the most success when I had a system to follow. At the time my upline were not really using a system so I invested in some educational materials and put my own system together. It saved me a lot of time and kept me on task.

That’s what you need to do if you want 5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you are getting started but have no system and no focus I suggest you either check out the Plug-In Profit Site or pick one of the individual Reviewed & Recommended systems on this site and jump into the training provided.

But don’t let yourself get sidetracked… 🙂 It’s only 5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success if you follow the training and stay focused.

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