You Can’t Go Home from the Office When You Work at Home

November 8, 2013

And this can be both very cool and slightly troubling…

You do need to differentiate between your ‘office is in your home’ versus you ‘live at the office…’

…and you need both a home and an office.

This may all sound like nonsense but you will see what I mean once you start working from home. Everybody needs so much space, and how much space they need depends on what all they are doing there.

For me… being home means my children want to ‘visit daddy,’ or my wife might come in and want to chat about something important. And as you know, even the smallest distraction can throw you off and eat up a lot of time.

On the flip side…the problem when you work at home – with living at the office – is that you become slightly obsessive about always working. I often say something like “I’ll be right back – I just need to do this one email to my list…” and then about an hour later I emerge from the home office and my wife and children have actually left the flat and I wasn’t even aware!

There are good and bad elements in all things. Having an idea at 1:00am is a good thing, and you should take some kind of action as soon as possible after you have a bright idea, or you remember something that you either need to do or didn’t do.

However, if you have already worked more than 8-12 hours, you need to rest and totally remove yourself from your work at times. Regularly. Just make a note to do it tomorrow. Better yet, make a plan and work the plan. Recently I spent about 4 entire days getting my 90 Day Plan together and to be honest it has become more like a year long plan… with 90 Days scheduled. But for me that’s great – it keeps me on track.

People who work at jobs and in careers definitely don’t usually want to ‘bring their work home’ with them; and it’s best not to, including emotional baggage from ‘normal’ stress that goes along with the whole routine of the get to work, be at work and go home from work routine. Many work at home part time, or partially ‘telecomute’ nowadays, and they also have the dreaded ‘day job’ to go to at times. Your routine can be varied somewhat.

At least the day job has a start and stop working point – then they get to struggle in traffic for their ‘punishment for a job well-done’; and the commute, at least is a break from the actual work — if anything good can be said about all that chaos;then they can more or less at their leisure ‘hit the books’ for a few hours. Then they stop again and they don’t think about their job until the next day — so there are breaks in the routine.

If you work too much you will begin to resent it sub-consciously, no matter how much you love doing what you do.

Wait! What about all those images of people sitting out by their swimming pools with cocktails in the ‘hardly work at home fast money ads’? To be honest – almost everyone I know that makes a great living in the work at home and home based business industry works pretty hard – at least at first while they are building their business.

Even after they build their business they usually work hard because those success habits they created to get to the top don’t just die. However, the freedom to do and be what they’ve dreamed of, to travel where they want and be able to provide for their family in a way simply not possible in most jobs is what continues to drive them (and me… ).

It is said ‘some people work to live, and some live to work’ – either way it’s ok. However we need to balance everything just right – enough work and enough rest.

They say that when we sleep and rest that we cleanse our minds and it is definitely critical for our bodies to have rest, relaxation and sleep on a regular basis.

It’s the only way to stay on top of it! No excuse to stay home from work on a ‘sick day’ when you work at home either!

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