Using An Autoresponder For Home Business Opportunities

November 27, 2013

Before I write about the Tools of the Trade in MLM and Network Marketing I want to preface my post with a little… shall we say… criticism of the average person who gets into the Home Business arena…

And I want to preface that criticism with this… It’s Not Your Fault.

Let’s just imagine that you’ve had a call from a friend. Your friend tells you they have something you need to take a look at. You ask your friend what it is and they tell you to come along to a meeting they are having… or perhaps they tell you to meet them for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

So, trusting your friend you show up to the meeting. At they meeting they show you how you are going to get rich. All you need to do is join their opportunity… share it with others… and BOOM! In six months you can walk away from your job.

You get excited… you get in… and then the PAIN begins. Your friends and family don’t want to hear about it. You meet people in your day to day life and try to explain it to them and you are usually met with a blank stare… or the old… “is this a pyramid scheme?”

You don’t taste success… you keep soaking money into your products and maybe even the company’s marketing materials… time goes on… frustration mounts… maybe you quit.

It’s Not Your Fault

The reality is that this is a business like any other business. You need to invest in yourself and your business. You need training and you need tools.

This industry is exploding right now… people are joining business opportunities at a blinding rate…

…and most will fail. But YOU don’t have to fail. There are more people out there making a great living in the MLM, Network Marketing, and Home Business arena than ever before. More importantly – those numbers will continue to rise.

So here’s some tools of the trade that can help you.

The Autoresponder

An autoresponder is an email marketing tool that allows you to send emails to large (or small) lists of leads. Here’s the cool thing about an autoresponder: you can set up an automated sequence of emails to go out to your list.

Just as an example… on one of my lists I have 80 emails queued to go out over the course of about 180 days when someone joins my list. These emails provide more information about the opportunity, more information about me and why someone might want to join my opportunity, more information about how to be successful in the business, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there. With an autoresponder you can also send out a broadcast message… meaning any time I want to email my list I can sit down, write the email and sent it to one or more of my lists. So if I get inspired or even just want to share some story of success… BOOM… my list gets it.

There are a lot of companies out there that provide this service. Personally I have accounts with Aweber and with Pure Leverage/GVO. Both have their advantages – so I’ll go over a few of the differences. But first you should know there are other options such as GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. If you don’t want one of the two that I recommend just click on the banners or links and you can ‘shop around.’ Just so you know… if I were to change providers I would probably go with GetResponse. I just happened to already have an Aweber account and Pure Leverage is one of my favourite business opportunities on top of having a complete set of marketing tools that I use daily in my business.

Best Autoresponder For Home Biz Opportunities – Pure Leverage

For those of you who are building an MLM or Network Marketing business… my first choice would be the autoresponder that is part of the Pure Leverage Marketing Suite. It lacks a few of the features you’d get from an Aweber autoresponder… but the additional tools you get for the price make it the clear top choice.

I’ll do a full review of Pure Leverage on this site soon – but for now let me tell you your account will include a full autoresponder where you can set-up unlimited campaigns, video email, an online conference room for up to 100 attendees (expandable if necessary), a lead capture system complete with done for you lead capture pages (you need to edit the text), a fully set-up blog and live training once per week. If you choose to upgrade there are even more tools at your disposal. And the price is right at $24.95 per month. I use all of the tools of Pure Leverage pretty much on a daily basis and I have several lists and campaigns on this system.

Here’s the even cooler thing… if you have a downline already and you start to use this system you can sell the system on to your downline to use for their businesses as well – so long as you pay the monthly affiliate fee which is $19.95. This is a very cool extra stream of income for you and will help you to grow your primary business through using the tools. Imagine setting up a weekly video conference with your top 10 producers where you train them to be even better… imagine writing a blog about your primary company in order to attract new leads… and then following-up with your leads via your autoresponder. Pretty cool, eh?

Best Overall Autoresponder – Aweber

Aweber has set the standard for autoresponders for quite a while now – and I have to say it is pretty much the cat’s meow. There are things you can do with an Aweber autoresponder that you can’t do with your Pure Leverage autoresponder.

Here’s an example… let’s say you send an email out to your list of 300 people… but only 25 people open your email. You can change the subject line of your email – targeting a different personality type – and re-send the email only to those who didn’t open the first email. You then rinse and repeat this method. I was very surprised at how I could get MUCH higher open rates this way.

Another example is with Aweber you can instantly add your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter graphics at the bottom of the email. You can also set it up with your blog so each blog post becomes an email to send to your list. You get the idea… a lot more funcionality as far as the autoresponder goes… but not the other tools you find in the Pure Leverage suite.

I really enjoy having both and using both so it’s hard to say I prefer one over the other.

Get Response – Honorable Mention

As I wrote up above – my next choice would have to be GetResponse. At one time I had their free test drive account for 30 days – I only let it go because I was already using Aweber and GVO/Pure Leverage and I didn’t have need of a third autoresponder. To be honest I didn’t set-up a single campaign on GetResponse for that same reason.

I don’t know as much about GetResponse but from my understanding it is as functional as Aweber and a lot of the top internet marketers are using it. I’d say you couldn’t really go wrong with it.


Other options – such as MailChimp – are free to get started but with less funcionality. Not that that’s a bad thing – it really depends on what you want. Personally I want the greater functionality, the ability to be an affiliate, and the proven track record of one of the paid solutions.

Today’s MLM, Network Marketing and Home Business landscape has changed. Like most other types of business the internet has become extremely valuable for marketing. And Email marketing is a proven method for communicating with your clients, leads and prospects. So the reality is that you need an autoresponder for your Home Business. You need to be giving value to those you want, ultimately, to purchase the products that put money in your pocket.

My suggestion is pick one of the above… learn how to use it… and start building a list (you can also import your other email lists so you have them all in one place).

Let me know if you have any questions and please comment below.

Later – Drew
PS I suggest you check out Pure Leverage right away because it’s a great second stream of income to go along with your business.

5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success

November 23, 2013

5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success?

Actually… that title is a bit misleading… it’s the 5 Easy Steps part… not Home Business Success

You read these kind of headlines all the time, right? As a matter of fact you’ve probably seen half a dozen of them today if you’ve found this website…

3 Simple Steps to Finding the Girl Of Your Dreams… How To Start A Multi-Million Dollar Business In 4 Easy Steps… Discover The 6 Secrets To Huge Biceps

blah, blah, blah..

The funny thing is that many times the headline is both true and Total BS!

Here’s the problem and your dilemma…

It’s way too easy to get caught up in the next cool Home Business Success shiny new object that comes along. To win in this industry – and by industry I mean the broader industry of home based business, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing and other permutations – you have to get organized and get focused. You have to figure out that you are now the seller and no longer the buyer.

So what are they?

5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success?

Well… the answer lies in the type of marketing you are doing but let’s take a look at an example. And before I go any further let me say that the information I’m about to share comes from one of my mentors ~ Alex Jeffreys. If you don’t know of Alex he’s an absolute legend online and now he coaches people to success. His track record of taking unsuccessful people and helping them turn around their business is pretty incredible.

Let’s say you want to get into niche marketing with a product of your own. Here’s how you should go about it if you want success fast…

Niche Marketing Home Business Success Formula Revealed

(n.b. I love writing headlines… lol)

    1. Pick and Study the Niche
    2. Create your product
    3. Write your sales copy (or get it written by a pro)
    4. Create the Website that will sell products and fulfill orders
    5. Send traffic to your offer
    6. And THEN have some backend product or upsells.

Yes, I know that is 6 Steps and not 5… but you get the picture. And the same process works for Home Business Success regardless of how you specialize or what your niche or niches are…

Here’s the problem. Most people don’t stick to the task at hand – they are all over the place trying to do too many different things. I can relate to that because I was there about 6 months ago. To be honest it took a few months just to shake a lot of things loose and get focused on only a few things.

Update 9 December 2013: Even after writing this post on Home Business Success – now coming back to it to do a little SEO – I realize that in the little mini-project I’ve been working on I got sidetracked. So I finally took a step back and looked at Alex’s process… and now I’m creating the ‘product’ for the funnel (niche is in the bag) instead of trying to create the website and then go backward to the sales copy, etc. Why is this so important? Because the website is pretty easy… once you have the sales copy and video… which is simple once you have the product COMPLETE… I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to write copy for an idea in my head instead of a finished product… NOT very efficient.

Even then… personally I was jumping around – getting ahead of myself, etc.

Home Business Success

Are you ready for Home Business Success? This is what it’s like when you try to do too many things… you end up overwhelmed and depressed

So Alex teaches that you don’t move on to the next thing until you’re done with one. Later, when you’ve mastered the whole thing and can hire other people then you can be more, shall we say… spontaneous?

One of the things I love about the products I promote on this website is that a lot of it is done for me. I can focus primarily on sending traffic to the offer. One of the keys for home business success is that you learn to do a few things really well and then outsource what you don’t do well.

That doesn’t mean I don’t do other things – I’m in the process of creating a product in another niche right now. But for the kinds of products on this site I was able to start sending traffic right away because someone else created the product, built my original site (this is greatly updated), sales copy and videos, etc. So I focused on learning how to get traffic. Well – I write that with a little laughter because I was also trying to do a bunch of other stuff – different types of websites, videos, social media marketing… you get the picture.

Back in the day when I was doing Old School Network Marketing I found the most success when I had a system to follow. At the time my upline were not really using a system so I invested in some educational materials and put my own system together. It saved me a lot of time and kept me on task.

That’s what you need to do if you want 5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you are getting started but have no system and no focus I suggest you either check out the Plug-In Profit Site or pick one of the individual Reviewed & Recommended systems on this site and jump into the training provided.

But don’t let yourself get sidetracked… 🙂 It’s only 5 Easy Steps To Home Business Success if you follow the training and stay focused.

The Creations of Your Unconscious Mind

November 22, 2013

By now you probably know I’m a member of the Empower Network. I promote it as my primary business.

Yes, I know this website promotes the Plug-In Profit Site system and sales funnel. And this is how I came to Empower Network.

But I have to tell you that the training I’ve received through Empower Network has been amazing on many levels. I’m in the process of doing a full EN review for this site… and it will be done in a few days.

Creation of the Unconscious Mind

David Wood looking out over Escazu, Cost Rica

However, I want to tell you that I’ve learned not only the nuts and bolts of this business but some really amazing and powerful mindset mastery concepts through Empower. As a matter of fact, with what I’ve learned I’m confident I could start all over and not promote Empower and still be extremely successful.

Dave Wood – one of Empower Network’s co-founders posted this video yesterday. I think it’s worth you checking out on my EN blog… so click on the video above… or on the link below:

The Majestic Creation Of My Unconscious Mind (message from Dave’s new house)

Dave’s going to be doing these videos 5 days a week for a while and I’ll post links – because I’m sure there’ll be nuggets of gold for all you HomeBizologists out there.

Take Care –
PS Thanks for hanging out with me – I appreciate you

Win a Free 500 Click Solo Ad… today only

November 22, 2013

Well, I’m jumping on this a bit late because I’ve had my head down doing some work and not opening my emails…

But I think it’s a really cool contest and I love the ‘How’ of what these guys have done. I decided to enter myself – even though it’s the last day and I likely have missed the boat.

However, I hope you’ll join simply to see what these guys have created and you never know, you might be in to win if you have a big list already.

Oh – and solo ads are the way I started to build my list and I know they work. If you haven’t started to build a list you definitely need to get in on this – you can still qualify to win one of the lesser prizes simply by social sharing (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

As an incentive… if you win after joining via my link.. and you have no idea how to set up an offer for you solo ad… I’ll help you through the process personally. 🙂

Free Solo Ad

Ciao for now,

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You Can’t Go Home from the Office When You Work at Home

November 8, 2013

And this can be both very cool and slightly troubling…

You do need to differentiate between your ‘office is in your home’ versus you ‘live at the office…’

…and you need both a home and an office.

This may all sound like nonsense but you will see what I mean once you start working from home. Everybody needs so much space, and how much space they need depends on what all they are doing there.

For me… being home means my children want to ‘visit daddy,’ or my wife might come in and want to chat about something important. And as you know, even the smallest distraction can throw you off and eat up a lot of time.

On the flip side…the problem when you work at home – with living at the office – is that you become slightly obsessive about always working. I often say something like “I’ll be right back – I just need to do this one email to my list…” and then about an hour later I emerge from the home office and my wife and children have actually left the flat and I wasn’t even aware!

There are good and bad elements in all things. Having an idea at 1:00am is a good thing, and you should take some kind of action as soon as possible after you have a bright idea, or you remember something that you either need to do or didn’t do.

However, if you have already worked more than 8-12 hours, you need to rest and totally remove yourself from your work at times. Regularly. Just make a note to do it tomorrow. Better yet, make a plan and work the plan. Recently I spent about 4 entire days getting my 90 Day Plan together and to be honest it has become more like a year long plan… with 90 Days scheduled. But for me that’s great – it keeps me on track.

People who work at jobs and in careers definitely don’t usually want to ‘bring their work home’ with them; and it’s best not to, including emotional baggage from ‘normal’ stress that goes along with the whole routine of the get to work, be at work and go home from work routine. Many work at home part time, or partially ‘telecomute’ nowadays, and they also have the dreaded ‘day job’ to go to at times. Your routine can be varied somewhat.

At least the day job has a start and stop working point – then they get to struggle in traffic for their ‘punishment for a job well-done’; and the commute, at least is a break from the actual work — if anything good can be said about all that chaos;then they can more or less at their leisure ‘hit the books’ for a few hours. Then they stop again and they don’t think about their job until the next day — so there are breaks in the routine.

If you work too much you will begin to resent it sub-consciously, no matter how much you love doing what you do.

Wait! What about all those images of people sitting out by their swimming pools with cocktails in the ‘hardly work at home fast money ads’? To be honest – almost everyone I know that makes a great living in the work at home and home based business industry works pretty hard – at least at first while they are building their business.

Even after they build their business they usually work hard because those success habits they created to get to the top don’t just die. However, the freedom to do and be what they’ve dreamed of, to travel where they want and be able to provide for their family in a way simply not possible in most jobs is what continues to drive them (and me… ).

It is said ‘some people work to live, and some live to work’ – either way it’s ok. However we need to balance everything just right – enough work and enough rest.

They say that when we sleep and rest that we cleanse our minds and it is definitely critical for our bodies to have rest, relaxation and sleep on a regular basis.

It’s the only way to stay on top of it! No excuse to stay home from work on a ‘sick day’ when you work at home either!

It Pays to Produce

January 28, 2013

Let’s face it. You won’t be successful at any business unless you are willing to create a habit of success. That means doing the little things daily to grow your business. That means adding content to your blog and sending out your email every day. That means you produce so that your team follows your lead. Don’t have a team yet? You’ll get one when you produce enough to need one. It Pays to Produce!

It might also mean immersing yourself in training. Whether you are an internet marketer or you run a bricks and mortar business you need focus continuously on personal development and business education. Especially when you first  start out!

If you are looking for a fast start, the new wave of ‘inter-network marketing’ systems – those combining network marketing with internet marketing techniques seem to be the fastest growing business models at the time of writing. Plug-In Profit Site is one example of this hybrid system. One company in particular, Empower Network, is exploding and gaining steady and growing profits for its affiliates. Empower Network is also a part of the Plug-In Profit Site system.

Dave Wood, one of the co-founders of Empower Network tells a story about one of his past businesses finally growing through duplication when his team saw him as a producer. Why? Because he was doing all of the things he was asking of them and it worked. Once they could see this they got to work.

So whatever your business – get out there and produce. Better yet, create the feeling of being successful in your business and then go produce.

Until next time…

Business Opportunies: Test the waters with a big splash!

January 26, 2013

Business Opportunities and commitment
If you really want to make internet marketing (or other business opportunities) work it is essential that you get excellent training, great products and quality leads. But to achieve all of these requires full commitment.

Your character and specifically your level of commitment will determine the speed of your success more than having a great product a long list and training. You have to take action. Business opportunities are everywhere but only those with an attitude of ‘let’s do this!’ will succeed.

Have you tried other business opportunities before but you didn’t get ‘all in’ and when it failed you told yourself it was because the opportunity just didn’t work? If you get part-way in and hope that will pay off for you are in for a bumpy road ahead. If you are diligent you can still make money but it will take you a lot longer.

You need to make a full commitment to your quest for making great money and living a better lifestyle. And whatever you decide to promote, whatever tools you use to promote you need to be ‘all in.’

In the network marketing world they often use the term ‘Going Core.’ This means that you implement every strategy your mentor suggests, you attend all trainings, you do your homework and your legwork.

That includes purchasing product upgrades when it will help you earn more money. That includes paying for the highest level access to list building email marketing sites serving your niche. These investments will GREATLY increase the speed of your success making money online. While making these investments sometimes seem like a fair bit of money to get started, the results they bring will quickly add up to increased profits. I suggest you take 20% of all revenue from your business and re-invest it in marketing. If you do this you will be amazed at how fast your business will grow.  In upcoming articles I’ll be writing more about specific list building strategies and the use of shared list services.

So, are you all in? Are you fully committed to your online business. Or are you just testing the waters. If you really want to get into profit fast then you should just jump. Make a big splash.

One more thing, if you haven’t checked out Stone Evans’ Plug-In Profit system you need to check it out. By using this system along with the provided training. And then carrying through with the training provided by Russel Brunson in Dot Com Secrets X and the Two Daves from Empower Network (both products being part of your Plug-In Profit system) you will learn everything you need to know to be successful in this business. This is one of the best business opportunities out there.

I’ll just say I can’t stress enough the value of having the guidance and fast start provided by this system. Definitely check it out.

Until next time ~ to your success


Why try to re-invent the wheel? Money making systems to save you time.

January 23, 2013

The world of internet marketing is an ever shifting landscape. New  online Money Making Systems are constantly being created as the technology becomes more advanced. For those of you new to this business it may seem daunting – how can you keep up when you don’t even know how things have evolved for the last 10 years?

Don’t worry – even though technology marches forward and ‘Shiny New Objects’ are being created every day (just look in your inbox…) the basics remain the same. Find or create a quality product and get it in front of enough people with a compelling reason for them to purchase and you are off. Oh yeah – AND build a list.

What strikes me as strange is how many people want to do everything themselves and be the person who creates the next big thing. While both strategies are admirable they are generally not profitable as fast. Why not get profitable first and THEN start to get creative? The key is to take advantage of existing money making systems.

One of the great things about an opportunity like the Plug-In Profit system is that you get everything needed to get started within 24 hours. I’ve personally spent days (and even weeks) working on websites feeling frustrated because I just want to get them live and start making money. You would laugh if you knew how many of those half finished sites I have just waiting for me to get back to them.

You want to know what is even better? When you start your Plug-In Profit journey you’ll have the opportunity to get training and advice not only from Stone Evans and his team. You’ll also be learning the trade from the likes of Russel Brunson, Joel Therien,  and Dave & Dave from the Empower Network.

Why is this important? Because most people who try to make money online fail due to one of three things:

  1. Lack of training
  2. Lack of focus or work ethic
  3. Information overload

When you start with your Plug-In Profit system you will become an affiliate of each of the products and training is provided by each of the money making systems on how to not only get started but to maximize your profits. Yes, you can become profitable just by starting with Plug-In Profits and following Stone’s training. But the beauty is that once you have your site up and running profitably you can then really dig in on each of the other product trainings and ramp things up. Imagine…5  money making systems rolled into one package with the ability to dramatically increase your income as your learn.

To your success!

The Benefits And Ease Of Your Own Online Business

January 22, 2013

Many have considered an online business. Similar to other types of businesses, the entrepreneur may actually have better luck with an establishment, which relies on the internet. These types of businesses are literally booming and they offer consumers the type of diversity that they desire and the owner the kind of sales necessary to be successful.

Benefits of an Internet Business

First, is the issue of startup costs. Unlike a traditional establishment, the business that begins online is not subjected to the same high costs initially. If there are costs to launch the business, they are fairly inexpensive and they are manageable for most individuals. In addition to this, operational costs are significantly decreased if not altogether eliminated. All that is required is a computer and internet service, something that most have in the home already. These things combined with the freedom to choose the hours worked make this a very attractive option.

Earnings Potential

There is the myth that having your own online company is not very profitable. This could not be further from the truth though. In fact, this is the sole source of income for some. While this will ultimately depend on the success of the business, those wishing to spend a bit of time and effort will see above average returns on such an investment. As with any other type of establishment, it takes a little work in order to be paid and the person decides how much or how little they are willing to do.

Other Considerations

An online business is the key to financial freedom and something more than just a job to several individuals. It can provide the person with the income that they may need and the flexibility that they yearn. Best of all, there is no degree or credentials required to be your own boss.

Some Tips on Starting a Home Business

January 22, 2013

Home business is what most people are turning on today. Besides working in an office on a regular basis, there are still those who earn additional income working from the comfort of home. Some are also leaving their jobs to consecrate their time working just from home. There are many advantages in working from home. Some of these may include flexibility when it comes to time management, less stress, more savings when it comes to transportation. If you are considering working from home, then there are certain things to make certain before making the shift in career.

Decide on the kind of home business you would like to start. It happens that people leave the job they love to find more stress working from home. Working from home allows you to do what you like most, but it is important to discover what this is. It is said that if you find the kind of job that responds to your passion, then you will never work at all. This is most true of home based businesses. It is suitable to devote time to analyze the things you would love to do. Choosing to do what you love most as an independent contractor or a freelancer can be very comfortable and enjoyable.

You may also consider working online. There are many companies that are looking for independent contractors to work on platforms like oDesk. You can also do online jobs like surveys, writing, data entry, customer support, medical billing. Some people do retail sales via major online stores like Ebay and Amazon. You do not need to have enough capital to start off. All that is needed is the drive to sell. Reading newspapers and scouring the internet can offer you lots of ideas the kinds of businesses that are hot in the internet marketplace. It would not be difficult to find something to do from home. Home business offers endless opportunities to people who are disciplined and can manage both their skills and time well.