Using An Autoresponder For Home Business Opportunities

November 27, 2013

Before I write about the Tools of the Trade in MLM and Network Marketing I want to preface my post with a little… shall we say… criticism of the average person who gets into the Home Business arena…

And I want to preface that criticism with this… It’s Not Your Fault.

Let’s just imagine that you’ve had a call from a friend. Your friend tells you they have something you need to take a look at. You ask your friend what it is and they tell you to come along to a meeting they are having… or perhaps they tell you to meet them for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

So, trusting your friend you show up to the meeting. At they meeting they show you how you are going to get rich. All you need to do is join their opportunity… share it with others… and BOOM! In six months you can walk away from your job.

You get excited… you get in… and then the PAIN begins. Your friends and family don’t want to hear about it. You meet people in your day to day life and try to explain it to them and you are usually met with a blank stare… or the old… “is this a pyramid scheme?”

You don’t taste success… you keep soaking money into your products and maybe even the company’s marketing materials… time goes on… frustration mounts… maybe you quit.

It’s Not Your Fault

The reality is that this is a business like any other business. You need to invest in yourself and your business. You need training and you need tools.

This industry is exploding right now… people are joining business opportunities at a blinding rate…

…and most will fail. But YOU don’t have to fail. There are more people out there making a great living in the MLM, Network Marketing, and Home Business arena than ever before. More importantly – those numbers will continue to rise.

So here’s some tools of the trade that can help you.

The Autoresponder

An autoresponder is an email marketing tool that allows you to send emails to large (or small) lists of leads. Here’s the cool thing about an autoresponder: you can set up an automated sequence of emails to go out to your list.

Just as an example… on one of my lists I have 80 emails queued to go out over the course of about 180 days when someone joins my list. These emails provide more information about the opportunity, more information about me and why someone might want to join my opportunity, more information about how to be successful in the business, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there. With an autoresponder you can also send out a broadcast message… meaning any time I want to email my list I can sit down, write the email and sent it to one or more of my lists. So if I get inspired or even just want to share some story of success… BOOM… my list gets it.

There are a lot of companies out there that provide this service. Personally I have accounts with Aweber and with Pure Leverage/GVO. Both have their advantages – so I’ll go over a few of the differences. But first you should know there are other options such as GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. If you don’t want one of the two that I recommend just click on the banners or links and you can ‘shop around.’ Just so you know… if I were to change providers I would probably go with GetResponse. I just happened to already have an Aweber account and Pure Leverage is one of my favourite business opportunities on top of having a complete set of marketing tools that I use daily in my business.

Best Autoresponder For Home Biz Opportunities – Pure Leverage

For those of you who are building an MLM or Network Marketing business… my first choice would be the autoresponder that is part of the Pure Leverage Marketing Suite. It lacks a few of the features you’d get from an Aweber autoresponder… but the additional tools you get for the price make it the clear top choice.

I’ll do a full review of Pure Leverage on this site soon – but for now let me tell you your account will include a full autoresponder where you can set-up unlimited campaigns, video email, an online conference room for up to 100 attendees (expandable if necessary), a lead capture system complete with done for you lead capture pages (you need to edit the text), a fully set-up blog and live training once per week. If you choose to upgrade there are even more tools at your disposal. And the price is right at $24.95 per month. I use all of the tools of Pure Leverage pretty much on a daily basis and I have several lists and campaigns on this system.

Here’s the even cooler thing… if you have a downline already and you start to use this system you can sell the system on to your downline to use for their businesses as well – so long as you pay the monthly affiliate fee which is $19.95. This is a very cool extra stream of income for you and will help you to grow your primary business through using the tools. Imagine setting up a weekly video conference with your top 10 producers where you train them to be even better… imagine writing a blog about your primary company in order to attract new leads… and then following-up with your leads via your autoresponder. Pretty cool, eh?

Best Overall Autoresponder – Aweber

Aweber has set the standard for autoresponders for quite a while now – and I have to say it is pretty much the cat’s meow. There are things you can do with an Aweber autoresponder that you can’t do with your Pure Leverage autoresponder.

Here’s an example… let’s say you send an email out to your list of 300 people… but only 25 people open your email. You can change the subject line of your email – targeting a different personality type – and re-send the email only to those who didn’t open the first email. You then rinse and repeat this method. I was very surprised at how I could get MUCH higher open rates this way.

Another example is with Aweber you can instantly add your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter graphics at the bottom of the email. You can also set it up with your blog so each blog post becomes an email to send to your list. You get the idea… a lot more funcionality as far as the autoresponder goes… but not the other tools you find in the Pure Leverage suite.

I really enjoy having both and using both so it’s hard to say I prefer one over the other.

Get Response – Honorable Mention

As I wrote up above – my next choice would have to be GetResponse. At one time I had their free test drive account for 30 days – I only let it go because I was already using Aweber and GVO/Pure Leverage and I didn’t have need of a third autoresponder. To be honest I didn’t set-up a single campaign on GetResponse for that same reason.

I don’t know as much about GetResponse but from my understanding it is as functional as Aweber and a lot of the top internet marketers are using it. I’d say you couldn’t really go wrong with it.


Other options – such as MailChimp – are free to get started but with less funcionality. Not that that’s a bad thing – it really depends on what you want. Personally I want the greater functionality, the ability to be an affiliate, and the proven track record of one of the paid solutions.

Today’s MLM, Network Marketing and Home Business landscape has changed. Like most other types of business the internet has become extremely valuable for marketing. And Email marketing is a proven method for communicating with your clients, leads and prospects. So the reality is that you need an autoresponder for your Home Business. You need to be giving value to those you want, ultimately, to purchase the products that put money in your pocket.

My suggestion is pick one of the above… learn how to use it… and start building a list (you can also import your other email lists so you have them all in one place).

Let me know if you have any questions and please comment below.

Later – Drew
PS I suggest you check out Pure Leverage right away because it’s a great second stream of income to go along with your business.

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