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November 22, 2013

Well, I’m jumping on this a bit late because I’ve had my head down doing some work and not opening my emails…

But I think it’s a really cool contest and I love the ‘How’ of what these guys have done. I decided to enter myself – even though it’s the last day and I likely have missed the boat.

However, I hope you’ll join simply to see what these guys have created and you never know, you might be in to win if you have a big list already.

Oh – and solo ads are the way I started to build my list and I know they work. If you haven’t started to build a list you definitely need to get in on this – you can still qualify to win one of the lesser prizes simply by social sharing (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

As an incentive… if you win after joining via my link.. and you have no idea how to set up an offer for you solo ad… I’ll help you through the process personally. 🙂

Free Solo Ad

Ciao for now,

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